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Bank of Hours in Outsourcing

We offer this service to meet a specific business need: we offer you time! In exchange for a bank of hours negotiated in advance, we become your business partner by advancing some hiring files at the stage in the process that suits you. We offer a flexible and practical service.

A Bank of Hours Personalized Service

Are you overworked? Your human resources department has its plate full? Entrust your recruitment files to Recrutement ART Inc.!

Get a personalized service for your recruitment mandates through an hour banking system in outsourcing. Take advantage of a professional service linked to a portion of your staffing process and our firm will be responsible for tactfully meeting your goals. Whether you need help in decision-making, job posting, application attraction, telephone evaluation or interviews, Recrutement ART Inc. is your trusted partner.

A Custom-Built Package

Recruitment in the Human Resources function is too often left out due to lack of time. Pressure can be stifling for managers, and your employees need you! Whether you need to hire fresh staff to lighten the workload of your employees or to fulfill a new position, Recrutement ART Inc. is there to support part of your staffing process.

With Recrutement ART Inc., you choose your customized service. Together, you determine what your needs and goals are. Thanks to a bank of hours, you have full control over the budget you wish to invest in this trustworthy partnership. Do like many large clients who trust Recrutement ART Inc. and delegate your recruitment process in part or in full to us.

Coaching for Hiring Managers

Recrutement ART Inc. offers a consulting service on trends and best practices in talent acquisition.

In the context of labour scarcity, the employer brand image, your values, the DNA of your company, the possibilities of development, the quality of the relationship with the immediate superior, etc., everything is closely examined by job seekers.

Stay professional, be aware of the impact you make and the experience you bring to each candidate.

To meet certain requests of our customers, we offer coaching to better educate and supervise your managers in this sense:

  • Would you like to increase the visibility of your job postings?
  • Did you know that candidates also evaluate you?
  • What image or perception do you want to give to the candidates?
  • What do you want the candidates to share as information about your company and your recruitment process?
  • Would you like to be more experienced in interviews?
  • How to manage the candidate’s expectations?

Services Offered

Through our expertise, we have a quick understanding of your business matters. In all confidentiality, if required, we make the necessary efforts to attract the desired talent. We offer flexible packages, according to your business needs.

Our expertise is in the manufacturing, industrial, and food sectors. Our way of being encourages us to create an experience for both the client and the candidate, by offering a rigorous and attentive follow-up which demonstrates our efficiency and professionalism.

We are convinced that to succeed in an interview, in-depth telephone evaluation is essential. We take the necessary time to evaluate some basic elements to make sure our decision to invite you for an interview is the right one. We always make an appointment with the potential candidate before initiating a telephone evaluation.

We propose distinctive styles of interviews, according to the personalities, to create an atmosphere favourable for exchanges. The behavioural interview evaluates your past experiences according to the position to be filled. In a professional context, we ensure to validate the required technical elements in addition to the personality in connection with your values.

As they say, to each his own trade. Well, we are the experts in our field. Nowadays, during an interview, hiring managers are being evaluated by job seekers. Why should they work for you? Be attractive. Be on the lookout for good practices. We offer our assistance as needed.

What should you do to make your next employee an ambassador for your company? An effective integration plan, coaching with motivated employees, promotional tools, interesting social events, and knowledge-generating projects.

Recrutement Art Inc. offers its expertise to help you develop effective integration plans adapted to your reality.