Candidate Services

Are you looking for new challenges or for a new job? It is all about time, opportunities, and preparation! Challenges that suit your talents are presented in this section as well as job search and coaching strategies customized to your needs to make you stand out as a candidate in an increasingly competitive market.

Job Opportunities Currently Available

Challenges to match your talents are waiting for you in this section.

Personalized Coaching and Job Search Support

Recrutement ART Inc. offers its expertise and advisory role to help you define your action plan to meet the expectations of the job market:

  • How to prepare your job search strategy?
  • How to attract the eye of the recruiter?
  • How to perform in an interview?
  • How to improve your profile on LinkedIn?

Recrutement ART Inc. offers professional assistance customized to your needs with a trusted partner:

You have developed an action plan for your job search and want to validate your strategy? Looking for a promotion soon and want the opinion and advice of an expert in the field? Here is what Recrutement ART Inc. offers you:

  • CV review; (the perfect CV does not exist, but it is important to clearly outline your career aspirations, accomplishments, and professional interests related to the coveted position)
  • Coaching meeting via Skype or in person; (by appointment)
  • A follow-up call ; (for advice, feedback, and motivation especially after an interview, it may be worthwhile to talk to a recruitment specialist to assess the pros and cons of this experience)

The helping hand proposal is very useful if you think of a career change or, for example, if you lost your job after working several years for the same company. Here is what Recutement ART Inc. offers you:

  • CV review;
  • Coaching meeting via Skype or in person; (by appointment)
  • Action Plan for Research Assistance; (Where to start? How to plan your job search?)
  • Preparing for an interview; (role play, professional interview simulation, constructive feedback, and remarks)
  • A follow-up call; (for advice, feedback, and motivation)

When returning to work after a break of a few years, or for the consultant or entrepreneur who wants to join a company. Here is what Recrutement ART Inc. offers you:

  • CV review;
  • Two (2) coaching meetings via Skype or in person during the job ; (by appointment)
  • Action plan for job search assistance;
  • Two (2) follow-up calls for advice, feedback, and motivation;